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Current Rankings with 1 race left in the season

As we close in on the end of the 2021 race season a look at the current rankings shows that while some division winners are already decided there are many that are coming down to the wire. While the 2021 Ranking season was originally scheduled to have 8 Ranking races we unfortunately had 3 cancellation leaving only a 5 race series. As a result of this a paddlers best 3 results count towards their end of year points total. Also a paddler requires 3 races to get an end of year ranking.

For those unware, in the divisional rankings the winner of each race gets 15 points with 2nd getting 13, 3rd getting 12 & so on down to 1 pt for 14th place & every finisher after that. For club rankings, each club gets 10pts for every paddler that completes a race.

**Note: On all rankings only paddlers that have 2 or more races in a Division are listed as they are the only paddlers possible to have 3 races done for end of year rankings**

Divisional Rankings

Division1: In the top division Ronan Foley has the title sewn up . Even with a win neither Senan or Peter can surpass Ronan but 2nd place is still up for grabs with Senan, Peter, Alex & Eavan all still in the hunt.

Division 2: This division is still wide open with any of the top 5 paddler able to clinch the title in the last race as a race win would replace the current 3rd best result for Donnacha, Ben, or Paul & for Ben Higgins & Dermot Hudson a 15pt win would give them a total no one else can match. This will be a race to watch

Division 3: Liam Boland has Div3 in the bag with max points. Liam has been promoted to Div 2 for the final race of the season so it will be interesting to see who can take the race win.

Division 4: Another Division wher ethe title has already been secured. Finn Harris has Max points . Finn has been promoted to Division 3 for the final race of the season & it will be interesting to see how he gets on against the wiley old foxes in Div3. 2nd place is still up for grans as a race win for Adam Pender would see him surpass Sean Durkan.

Division 5 Open: Another division with the title already secured going into the last race. Daibhí Reynolds has shown huge progress race on race securing maximum points and promotion to Division 4 for the final race of the year. 2nd place is still wide open with 4 paddlers having a possibility of getting it with a race win.

Division 5 Women: This Division is one of the toughest to call with both Naoise & Kate in the hunt for the title. These 2 have been close to each other everytime they are on the water, each taking a win over the other throughout the season. A win for either will secure the title.

Division 6: It’s possible that either Michael or Brendan could take the title. A paddler does need 3 races to have an eligible ranking so lets hope we see a head to head in the last race

Div 7 (U15): Noah Harris has the Div 7 U15 title already wrapped up with a race to go. He has battled all year with Sean Noud with the pair sharing the top 2 steps of the podium all year with both taking wins. Both Noah & Sean have earned promotion for the last race of the year, all the way up to Division 5 based on the times they have been putting in . Who can take the race win in the final race with the se 2 powerhouses gone up?

Division 7 Women: With no paddler having 3 races already under their belt all 7 paddlers with 2 races are eligible to take the title. This is the tightest division of them all with the top 4 within a single point of each other

K2/T2: With only 2 crews eligible to take the title it comes down to the final race. Hopefully we et a showdown between some of the most experienced paddlers on the circuit

Canoe: Michael Sweeney of Dublin Vikings is all set to take the Canoe Class title if he completes the final ranking race of the season. Michael has already taken the Canoe National championship this year in his OC1 & hopefully his success can bring more competition to the class in future years.

Ribadesella Club Rankings:

For the 5th or 6th year in a row Salmon Leap Canoe club take the club Championship. However some of the other clubs have some promising Juniors coming through. Can Thomastown Paddlers, Kilcullen Canoe or Celbridge Paddlers get back to the title they each held in the past? Lets hope 2022 sees more growth in the sport & some great battles on the water

See the full list of promoted paddlers here:



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