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Short Course Nationals Course Map

As we get closer to race day some details on the races themselves.


The races will take place on a lapped course. The number of laps to be complete will depend on the class being entered. The course length is approx 1.1km. It will start heading from the beach at The Avon paddling towards Blessington Bridge. About 500m out there will be turn indicated by buoys and the course will follow run back towards The Avon following the lakes edge. The beach portage will be approached at an angle with the beach on your right hand side. The portage will be approx 25M in length across a coarse sand beach before reentering the water where the beach takes a 90 degree turn. On the final lap paddlers will round the turning buoys and race straight back towards the Start/Finish line

** Note the moored boats in the picture are no longer in place**

Registration and access:

On race day The Avon will open at 9am. There is a €2 entry fee per car to be paid at the gate. Race registration will open about 09:15 to collect race numbers on top of the hill near the car park, with the 1st race kicking off at 10 sharp. We have a tight schedule to keep so athletes need to ensure they are on the water and ready to go. Please all boats are clean and are not carrying water from other waterways to reduce any contamination risks. Athletes will have access to the water about 20mins before their race to warm up. Only athletes who are warming up or in the current race will be allowed down on the beach to access the water. Spectators & paddlers from different races can watch from the grass area on top of the hill. Any paddlers finished their races will be required to bring themselves and all their equipment back up the hill to the car park as soon as they are off the water. Entering the water after a race for a swim is not allowed. There are a number of places to get food etc while on site so check out The Avon’s website and see what you fancy

Race Schedule:

Race classes are divided up into 5 different starts as below. In each start all paddlers will be completing the same number of laps & portages with the exception of the Novice race. This will start just after all other paddlers in Race 1 are started & they will only complete 1 lap.

We are really looking forward to this event. Hopefully it should be a fun days racing in a fantastic venue.



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