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2018 Race Series Restructuring

For 2018 there will be 2 series run in parallel.

  1. The Ribadesella Series: This is the main ranking series, consisting of 8 races with points from a paddlers best 5 races counting towards their ranking. All points earned go towards the club competition for the Ribadesella trophy. Races will be run on flatwater courses with laps and portages where possible


  1. Descent Series: This series will contain 4 descent races with points from a paddlers best 3 races counting towards their ranking.


Division Changes:

Ribadesella Series will consist of 7 single kayak Divisions split by paddler’s ability rather than boat type. Along with the singles division will be K2 & Canadian classes for which details need to be finalized. Guideline 10K times for the single kayak divisions are below. The division structure allows for more competitive racing regardless what boat a paddler is using. Any type of kayak can be paddled. An active promotion/demotion system (criteria to be published shortly) will help ensure paddlers are racing in a suitable division for their abilities. There will be less of a jump between divisions allowing a natural performance ladder for improving paddlers. The new system is also more cost effective for race organizers, only having to provide prizes for the top 3 in 9 divisions (old model had 15 classes). The new divisions should help have a higher participation level in each division than some of the classes being replaced.

Division Distance Guide 10K Time Guide
Div 1 20K < 48 Min
Div 2 20K 48 – 52 Min
Div 3 15K 52 – 56 Min
Div 4 10K 56 – 62 Min
Div 5 10K 62 – 74 Min
Div 6 10K > 74 Min
Div 7 5K U15 Boys & Girls Only
Open Canadian 10K NA


Decent Series will consist of Classes as below

Open K2 Long Course (If available)
Open K1 Long Course (If available)
Open K2 Short Course
K1 Mens Short Course
K1 Womens Short Course
K1 Junior Men Short Course
K1 Junior Women Short Course
GP Men Short Course
GP Women Short Course
GP Junior Men Short Course
GP Junior Women Short Course
Open C2 Short Course

* Deceptors & Gola Sprints can not be paddled in the GP classes in the descent series

The 2018 Racing Calendar can be found here



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