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Results & Photos – National Championships, Cork

Last weekend saw some fantastic racing in Dripsey, Co. Cork. Once again the location at Griffin’s Garden centre proved to be one of , if not the best race venue in the Country. From the start with the younger age groups the racing was fierce with some of the younger paddlers display their excellent paddling and portaging skills.

The full results for all races are below.

The 2nd session saw the competitive racing continue as many of the paddlers who have come through the divisional system over the past few years now raced at the top end of the Championship classes.

A huge thank you to all the athletes who travelled & the parents of younger athletes who made the trip to Cork. Also a massive thank you to Ciaran Cooke who put in a lot of the prep work along with Simon Champ & Phoenix CC. Lastly a big thank you to Margret Griffin for once again allowing the event to take place on the grounds of Griffin’s garden centre even though the garden centre itself was not open for business.



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