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Celbridge Paddlers Ranking Race Notice and changes to the Ribaesella Ranking Series for 2019

Firstly, thanks to all at Athy Rowing & Canoeing for running a great race last weekend. I think everyone that paddled thoroughly enjoyed it & the hospitality was second to none. Well done to everyone who took part, especially those he managed to tough out the 42k Marathon course. Results will be published shortly.

The Marathon Racing Ranking season kicks off this weekend with the race at Celbridge Paddlers Canoe Club. We are looking forward to seeing how everyone has progressed during the offseason. There have been a few changes to the race season this year in an effort to improve on last year.

  • For 2019 there will be a single race series comprising of 11 races which are a mix of both flat water and descent races. Minimum of 5 finishes required to get an end of year ranking with best 5 results counting. 
  • While the points structure for the individual divisional title remains unchanged (i.e. 1st = 15Pts, 2nd = 13Pts, 3rd = 12Pts…….etc.), we have made a change to the points system for the Ribadesella title which goes to the club with the highest points at the end of the year. Rather than basing it on finishing positions 10 points are awarded for every paddler who finishes a race. In an effort to promote Women in paddle sports any female finisher will earn double points for their club. 
  • 2019 will also see the return of a Womens Division. It will run in parallel with Division 5. So we will have Div 5 Open alongside Div 5 Women. This still gives a path for female paddlers to be promoted to race at a higher division without increasing the race distance to the 15k course. 
  • Based on feedback we have put a price cap of €30 on entries for all doubles (K2/T2 & Canadian) for 2019. 
  • In an effort to introduce new paddlers or paddlers from other disciplines to come and try Marathon racing this year we have a €10 entry fee for any paddler who has not raced before. This fee applies to their 1st 2 races of the ranking season regardless if is the 1st 2 or last 2 races of 2019. 
  • A reminder for this year that all types of boat are welcome. Regardless if you are in a K1, ski, sea kayak, racing GP, WWR, plastic boat or any other type of canoe/kayak there is a race to be had. The only divisions with any restrictions are Div 7 which is open to any paddler who was under the age of 15 on January 1st & Div 5 women which is open to Females of any age or boat type. Div 1 -6 are open to everyone in any boat. Div 6 will predominantly be made up of GP boats (plastic & fibreglass racing boats) & sea kayaks along with paddlers who are starting out in K1’s. 

Remember the clocks change Saturday night so make sure to account for this if you are planning on coming to the Celbridge race. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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